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Control Room: 14x17

Playing Room: 13x18

Isolation Room: 9x5




Tascam DM4800 64-channel Digital Mixing console with motorized faders


Universal Audio Apollo 16 Mk2
Motu 2408mk3 Audio Interface
Alesis XT20 ADAT
Tascam DA-30MKII DAT recorder
Tascam 122MKIII Cassette recorder
HHB Burn-it Plus CDR 830 CD Recorder



Urei 809’s
Yamaha NS-10M’s
Realistic Minimus 7’s
KRK Subwoofer

.....utilizing Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio calibration software




#1) iMac-Retina 5K, 27in 4.2Ghz Intel Core i7
#2) Mac Pro 8 Core - 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core

#3) Mac Pro 8 Core - 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core
#4) MacBook Pro 2.6Ghz Dual-core i5

#5) PowerBook G4 1.67Ghz



Digital Performer 9

Ableton Live 9 Suite

Vienna Ensemble Pro 5
Sibelius 8
Bias Peak Pro XT 6

soundBlade LE
Melodyne Studio 3
Roxio Toast Titanium, Jam, etc.



Audio Ease - Altiverb 7

Antares - Autotune 7

Bias - Master Perfection Suite

Hofa - CD Burn DDP Master & Player Maker

Universal Audio - UAD-2 Studio Pak,


     Neve 1081, Precision EQ, Pultec EQP-1A,


     Teletronix LA-2A, Fairchild 670, UA1176

     Precision Buss Comp.


     EMT140, Lexicon 224


     Cooper Time Cube, Galaxy Tape Echo, etc.


     Studer A800, Oxide Tape, Precision Limiter,

Precision De-Esser.

iZotope - Ozone 8 Advanced

MOTU - (Masterworks Bundle, FET-76, ProVerb, SubKick, Spacial Maximizer, etc.)

Native Instruments - Guitar Rig 5
Sample Magic - Magic AB

Valhalla - Vintage Verb

Waves - SSL4000 Bundle

              - Maserati Signature Bundle

              - Marroquin Signature Bundle

              - Native Power Pack

              - Scheps Omni Channel


Yamaha DC7PRO 7' 6"Disklavier Grand Piano


Integrating state-of-the-art technology into top-of-the-line Yamaha grands, Disklavier Pro™ Series grand pianos provide a uniquely effective, high-performance solution for studios, institutions and today's most discerning musicians. Their servo-controlled drive system, along with other newly developed components, records and reproduces acoustic piano performance with unprecedented power, precision and control.

Hammond B3 Organ w/Leslie 122
Access Virus TI2
MiniMoog Voyager
Nord Stage EX 88
Roland Jupiter X
Yamaha MOXF8
Yamaha DX7-IIFD
Korg Kronos X 61
Korg Triton Studio 76
M-Audio Axiom 61
Muse Research Receptor Pro
Yamaha Motif Rack XS
Roland JV-1080 (w/various
expansion boards)
M-Audio Midisport 8X8-s
Digital Music Corp. MX-8

Audiobro - LASS LA Scoring Strings 2.0

CineSamples - Hollywoodwinds

                        - CineWinds Core

                        - CineWinds Pro

                        - CineBrass Core

                        - CineBrass Pro

EastWest - Symphonic Gold Complete                          Quantum Leap Goliath

Korg - Legacy Collection - M1 / Wavestation
Motu - MachFive 2 Sampler,
MusicLab - RealGuitar2L and Real Strat

Native Instruments  - Komplete 13 

          **Ultimate Collectors Edition**
IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X
Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Strawberry, Steel Strings, Modern Nylon, Dracus.

VI Labs - Ravenscroft 275

Spectrasonics - Stylus RMX Expanded,
                         - Omnisphere 2

                         - Keyscape
                         - Trilian.

Synthogy - Ivory Grand Pianos
Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3
    - EZDrummer 2, (Nashville, Jazz, Latin Percussion, Claustrophobic, Rock EZXs)

Vienna Ensemble Pro 5

Virharmonic - Bohemian Violin V3



Neumann U87Ai (1)

RCA Type 77-D Ribbon (1)

Audio Technica AT4060 Tube (1)

Audio Technica AT4040 (1)

Audix SCX25 (2)

AKG C414B-ULS (2)

AKG C460B (2)

AKD D112

Sennheiser 421 (2)

Sennheiser 421-II (3)

Electro Voice RE-20 (1)

Royer R-121 (1)

Shure SM57 (3)

Shure SM58 (1)

Shure Beta 52 (1)

Sonarworks XREF20 (1)


Manley VoxBox

Focusrite Red 1 (Quad Mic-Pre)

API 3124+ (Quad Mic-Pre)

Universal Audio 4-710D (Quad Mic-Pre)

Avalon AD2022 (Dual Mic Pre)

Warm Audio WA73-EQ



PreSonus Central Station + CSR-1 Remote

Behringer HA4600 Headphone Amplifier

Mackie HM-54 Headphone Amplifier

Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Countryman Type 85 and Missing Link TX-1 Direct Boxes

AKG, Audio Technica, Sony, and Beyer Dynamic Headphones

Yamaha, QSC & Carver Power Amps

Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner

Furman IT-1220 Balanced Power Isolation Transformer


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